Hello! Welcome to This Modern Babe!

I’m just a modern babe with modern problems, and I can’t be the only one.

I’ve spent the last year or so looking at my life and finally realized I seriously need some personal development. I am 28 and living in the great city of Dallas, TX and still struggling to figure out this “adult” thing. I like to refer to this time period as my Quarter-Life Crisis.

When you look around it seems like others have their shit together which in turn makes you feel self-conscious like you are the only one struggling day-by-day. Does this sound familiar? I also felt that way but have realized we are not alone. In fact, this is incredibly common and we don’t have to figure it out on our own. We have each other!

I feel that in your 20s everyone expects you to have your life together (HA!) and this is typically not the case. I am here to write about issues others like me can relate to. Through this blog you can follow along with my struggle and I will take the risks and make the bad decisions for the both of us!

I will fill you in on my life as I stumble through my 20s (tipsy or sober). I am hoping that through my adventure I can inspire others to make changes towards their happiness and also allow others to inspire me!

If there are any topics you wish for me to post about feel free to drop a line in the comments or contact me! I want this to be a place for you to come and find a mirage of different topics to suit your mood.

Keep an eye out for an email subscription soon! 🙂