How to Get Organized When You Are a Hot Mess

How to Get Organized When You Are a Hot Mess

Are you a hot mess who struggles in almost every aspect of your life? Me too! High Five! Let’s be friends.

I was one of the clueless young adults that thought live after college would be a breeze. Get a job, start a career, have a successful relationship, be financially stable. HA. Now I look back on my college days wishing to relive them. Fast forward to five years later and I’ve spent the better part of a week looking for side hustles just so I can afford to live and don’t even ask about my love life.

So I know I can’t be the only one that needs to get their life organized. I’ve made it my mission to get my shit together and have friends in similar situations. I’ve picked up several tips on how to make it a little easier.

Make a List

If you’re like me you probably have a hundred different things you need to do/start/finish/take care of, but can’t focus on a single one. You know what helps? Making a list! I love lists, I live for lists, I breathe lists. This is what I do at work every day and it has helped me tremendously to make a list for things I need to take care of in my personal life.

Make it happen

Organize that List

Now you’ve made a list, what do you do with it? Sometimes I look at the list, get overwhelmed, cry, then light it on fire and ignore all of my problems. I wouldn’t recommend that… Instead, it helps to group or number the list. If one big list helps you, number that shit from most pressing to least pressing. I like to break my lists down and assign dates of when I want each thing completed by. This helps keep me more accountable and less stressed.

Get Your Life in Balance

I am a believer that balance works best in most aspects of life. You need a healthy work/life balance, a good relationship/social life balance, and a positive gym time/treat yo’self balance. This is probably the most difficult thing on this list to accomplish. I can confidently tell you that this is something I struggle with frequently. Achieving a healthy amount of balance in your life requires you taking time to pinpoint which areas are lacking. You might not even realize the scale has been tipping in one direction until you start looking. Once you’ve identified the areas where you are giving too much or too little time to, you can adjust accordingly.

Stop Procrastinating

This is absolutely one of my worst habits. Always putting things off until the last minute, saying “tomorrow” will be the day, making excuses to myself. There is no magic trick to stop procrastination, just do it. Easier said than done, trust me I know. But at some point, you just have to say “Bitch, get away from Netflix and tackle your to-do list.”


This could mean cleaning out your closet or getting rid of negative people in your life. Whatever is holding your back or causing unnecessary stress in your life, get rid of it. I like to go on a purge of my closet and home every time I move, which is about once a year. If you walk into a home that is tidy and not littered with belongings, then you will feel more at peace in life. Same goes with Negative Nancy’s in your life. If someone is bringing you down and not encouraging you to be your best self, then phase them out. It’s hard to get organized and be positive if you someone dragging you down. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are ready to get your life organized. So, do what is in the best interest of yourself.

bye bye bye

Reward Yourself

Some might think, “Why should you reward yourself for just doing what you should already be doing?” I say why the heck shouldn’t you treat yourself. Life is hard; eat that cookie, buy that new pair of shoes. But seriously, if you promise yourself a reward at the end of your task(s) it makes it much more likely that you will finish. However, I wouldn’t recommend having a brownie after every single positive move you make, that could create a whole other problem.

I hope you can put some or all of these suggestions to use when it comes to organizing your life. It can be fun to be a hot mess sometimes. Just through caution to the wind and let your life crumble slowly. But eventually you’ll probably want to turn things around. That’s where I’m at in life, so I’m sure I’ll have more tips I can share from my experiences.

Let me know in the comments ways you like to get organized!

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