Quotes for Us Single People

Quotes for Us Single People

After a breakup I prefer to wallow in my dark and stormy feelings. I think it can be invigorating and beneficial to give into your sad feelings for a bit. So I’ve spent plenty of time over the last few weeks listening to sad songs and reading somber quotes. But eventually I believe you need to crawl out of your dark cave and take time to laugh. So if you’re in the same situation and need a little chuckle, scroll on for a few quotes.


Single and ready to flamingle


The hardest part about dating again is that you have to spend less time in your pajamas.


I used to want to be a princess and marry a prince. Now I just want to drink wine every day without being judged


I’m not sure if I gain more weight while I’m single or in a relationship.


Eventually I will find someone special, until then it’s Netflix and sleep alone


Who needs a man when you have pets to keep you happy


Being single is easy when you don’t like people


Perk of being single: I can do whatever the hell I want.




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