Dating Quotes You Can Relate To

Dating Quotes You Can Relate To

You really have to keep the humor alive while you’re out there dating. Because let’s face it, trying to find your soulmate future ex-husband is draining. So, I have gathered a few quotes to give you a little chuckle after you’ve had another terrible first date. Grab a glass of wine (or chocolate milk if you’re sober) and scroll on down.

Me every time I attempt to have a successful relationship. "Well that didn't fucking go as planned."


Sometimes I just want someone who will rub my back for 3 hours.


My standards are as high as my heels.


I caught feelings. But don't worry, I had a cocktail and cured that shit right up.


I wish I could be in your shoes so I could feel how awesome it is to date me.


My favorite part of a date is when I spend the rest of the night overanalyzing each detail.


Find a man that can please me like wine and cupcakes do and we'll talk.


I mean is being a crazy cat lady really so bad?

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