Here’s a List of TV Comedies to Watch While You Cry

Here's a List of TV Comedies to Watch While You Cry

I don’t know about you, but I love watching a good TV comedy when I’m feeling down. It’s the one thing that requires minimal effort on my part and can quickly turn my mood around. Pair a good TV show with a glass of wine? Now that’s a perfect combination. The following are tried-and-true TV comedies to pull you out of your sad funk.


I’m not even kidding, less than a week ago I was sitting on the couch crying (relationship troubles, UGH) while watching Friends. As tears were rolling down my face I was cracking up watching an episode that I had seen numerous times. It didn’t take long for me to cheer up and I spent the remainder of the night watching Friends. This is my number one show to watch regardless of my mood and you probably expected it to be on this list. Even today, you can find ways to relate to their lives and find humor in their everyday problems because they are all so different. and. Rachel is definitely my spirit animal.


Broad City

These bitches are life and absolutely hilarious. This is a raunchy show that definitely does the trick when I am needing a laugh. Who doesn’t love some dirty humor? I feel I can easily relate to Ilana and Abbi and the twisted situations they get themselves into are exactly what would happen to me. They are also in their 20s and it makes me feel more normal to see them also struggling to live life as an adult. If you haven’t seen this show I definitely suggest you give it a try. YAS QUEEN.


Bob’s Burgers

I want to work at Bob’s Burgers, live upstairs in their home and be walking distance from Wonder Wharf, for real. Bob and Linda’s sassy and weird children are what make this show so funny. Truthfully, I am watching Bob’s Burgers as I type this. Bob is always struggling to keep his burger business afloat and his 3 wacky kids ensure there is never a dull moment. I’d have to say Linda is my favorite character and if one day I am a mother I will strive to be as brilliant as Linda. Now I want a burger…


How I Met Your Mother

I am so glad this show lasted for 9 seasons because it has plenty of episodes to keep me laughing. Most people would agree that the finale was awful. So I usually just steer clear of the last few episodes. I am seriously envious of this group of friends that hangs out at the same bar every day (my dream). I have to admit, Ted gets on my nerves often because of his desperate ways, but Barney and the rest of the crew more than make up for the annoyance.

Have you met Ted?


New Girl

I LOVE New Girl. This show made me want to room with 3 random, attractive guys. Though I doubt I would be lucky enough to have the same situation as Jessica Day. Without a doubt, this show will always make me laugh out loud and I have a very real crush on Nick Miller. I did feel that I would get too emotionally involved with the relationships on this show, which makes it much more meaningful to me. Nick and Jessica have to be together forever, period.



I really don’t hear too many people talk about Seinfeld these days, but it is still a favorite of mine. It is literally a show about nothing (as they say) and it has provided me with many laughs. The finale was one of the best I’ve seen because it brought back so many favorites from all the seasons. Each character is their own sort of eccentric and they balance each other out well.

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So there you have it. In no particular order, these are the shows I recommend if you need a good chuckle. This list could honestly be endless so I am sure I will do a Part 2 someday. For now, I think I have provided you with plenty of options.

Tell me in the comments about the shows you love to watch when you need a happiness boost! Obviously, I love a good TV comedy and would like to add to my favorites list.

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